What’s Included?

Every home built by Sun Valley Custom Builders includes the features that are most important to Owner.  That's because we never limit design, materials or styles, that are important to the the person buying the home.  We are a CUSTOM builder - and we take that very seriously, because we want each of our homes to reflect the taste and lifestyle of its Owner.
Whatever you can dream - we can build!  Our mission is to build the "BEAUTIFUL FORTRESS" and the beauty of every home begins with a  structurally engineered foundation and frame. Energy Engineering assures that every home is designed for comfort and efficiency, as well as, longevity and low maintenance.  Our beautiful designs and finishes feature uniquely superior doors, windows, appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, lighting and wall finishes.  Everything you need to complete your home is included, subject to predetermined allowances, which are approved by our Owners, prior to start of construction.

These are standard items, that are always included, but can be modified to your personal preferences:

Why LakeRidgeARCHITECTURAL DESIGN ‐ Choose the option that's suits you best.  Many of the homes we build start with an original, Sun Valley conceptual design, which we turn over to a professional architect and engineer, who completes the construction documents.  We can also modify one of our existing, original designs, using your unique ideas, and certified by professional architects and designers.  If you prefer, we can refer you to one of the areas' many, premier architects, to design your home, and, we are happy to build from your existing plans.
SITE ENGINEERING ‐ Civil, Sanitary and Geotechnical engineering, as required.
FOUNDATION ENGINEERING ‐ Designed for individual site conditions and stamped by a professional engineer.
STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING ‐ Frame, Roof and Wind Brace design, to provide maximum structural integrity for local site conditions.
PERMITS ‐ All permits required, throughout the construction process, to meet all local governmental requirements.
CODE COMPLIANCE ‐ Built to meet the most current, International Building Code, whether or not required by local jurisdictions.
PROFESSIONAL INSPECTIONS ‐ Even where local inspections are not required, our engineers inspect every phase of construction.
ENERGY ENGINEERING ‐ All construction includes insulated, breathable structural wall sheathing; sealed attics, with fire retardant foam, at the roof deck; your choice of foam or blown fiberglass wall insulation, with fire retardant, and; sealed, insulated exterior walls, including top and bottom structural plates.

ENERGY RATED EQUIPMENT ‐ We recommend, at minimum, 15SEER heat pumps, with variable speed fan controls, and encourage the use of even more efficient 16-18 SEER inverter heat pumps.  If you prefer gas heat, we can substitute high efficiency, dual fuel systems, with direct-vent furnaces and high-efficiency cooling,  All systems include multiple, thermostatically-controlled zones, for maximum heating and cooling efficiency. Also recommended, are remote and locally programmable heat pump Water Heaters, Energy Star rated kitchen appliances and variable-speed ceiling fans.  Your personal preference of utilities is always honored.
MASONRY EXTERIORS ‐ Choose stone, brick, stucco, or, a combination of two or more elements, for the outer skin of your new home.  Depending on style and design, we also offer fiber cement siding, which is available in many styles and textures.
Why LakeRidgeHIGH EFFICIENCY WINDOWS ‐ Choose highly energy efficient vinyl, vinyl-clad wood, fiberglass, hybrid wood and fiberglass,or thermal-break metal window frames, all of which utilize the most efficient thermal glass available, in your choice of many colors.
ALL WOOD TRIM ‐ Choose from a generous variety of interior trims, including tall base boards, wide door casings and custom shelving.
CUSTOM BUILT CABINETS ‐ 100% wood construction with dovetailed drawers, in your choice of wood, and either stained or painted finish.
EXPERIENCED CRAFTSMEN ‐ Professional tradesmen, chosen for their ability, reliability, integrity and attention to detail - hand chosen, by our experienced construction managers.
LANDSCAPING ‐ Proper site grading, vegetation, subject to your preferences, irrigation systems and decorative specialties, per allowance.
SITE MAINTENANCE ‐ The construction site is maintained daily, construction debris is removed and your home is made ready for move‐in, upon completion.

Better Construction!

Why LakeRidgeOur Goals:

  • Get the design right
    There is no charge for conceptual design. We want to be involved from the start!
  • Do it right – every time
    We start after all critical decisions are made and use the best people and materials!
  • Make the customer happy
    Our concern is that we always build the home that pleases YOU – not the critics.
  • Build low maintenance homes
    Common sense decisions assure beauty & functionality, so your wallet is happy, too!
  • Make every home energy efficient
    Energy Engineering saves cost, now and later, while providing comfort and livability!
  • Avoid "bargain pricing"
  • Discount products are often defective and more costly to maintain or replace!

Concrete Is A Beautiful Thing!

Why LakeRidgeSuccessful projects start with a strong foundation.
That’s why we have always built our foundations to the exacting standards of one of Texas’ top engineering firms. That same firm oversees the completion of each stage of the process, from soil analysis, to finished slab – and we’ve never had a failure!!

The Foundation Process:

  • Sub-surface soils analysis
  • Site investigation
  • Engineered plan preparation
  • Excavation to engineer’s specification
  • Soil replacement at slab site, when required by engineer
  • Compacted Limestone fill, under entire slab area
  • Plumbing drains placed inside perimeter ‐ out of interior beams.
  • Moisture barrier installed to prevent subterranean infiltration
  • Placement of steel reinforcement, per engineer’s design.
  • Secure water supply line. (Interior water lines are located in conditioned space)
  • Placement of 3000 PSI concrete
  • Installation of storm wind wall ties in concrete, at time of pouring


Our homes are designed to ride out the storms!
It is impossible to predict the damage a severe storm can cause, but we design and build our homes to withstand the most severe storms anticipated for our area.  The added structural reinforcement also deters the effects of our extreme temperature changes.

Standard Structural Features:

  • Why LakeRidge2×4 or 2×6 Studs at 12" or 16″ O.C., as required for structural integrity, with engineered wind bracing at interior and exterior walls
  • 2×4 or 2×6 Base Plates treated for water & insect resistance
  • Exterior wall anchors secure exterior walls to the foundation
  • Storm ties secure roofs to the exterior walls
  • 2×6 or 2×8 Ceiling Joists located 12-24" O.C., per engineering requirements.
  • Engineered wood beam headers at all Windows & Exterior Doors
  • Minimum double 2x6 Interior Door Headers
  • Minimum 3 1/2"x16″ engineered Floor Trusses ‐ all multi‐story homes
  • 4'x8'x1 1/8" Advantech moisture resistant, tongue & groove, sub-floor, ring shank nailed & glued to floor trusses.
  • 7/16″ weatherized, structural sheathing, optionally clad with 1/2" Structural Foam ZIPsystem, with a 6.6R energy rating,  is installed at all exterior walls, and all joints are sealed with rubberized tape, to weatherize your home, before masonry veneers or sidings are installed
  • All Structural Beams are laminated, engineered products, except where steel is required
  • All Structural, exterior support columns are steel or pressure treated pine
  • 1 1/8″ or 2×6 Stair Treads, installed on 2×12 or greater stair support frame
  • Blocking is installed at all cabinet locations, plus, at showers, tubs and toilets, for handrail installation

Roofing – Your First Line of Defense!

Your best protection against sun, cold and wind!
Whether you choose a weather resistant, reliable composition roof or prefer the look of tile or metal, your roof is one of the most important, and most expensive, construction components.

Standard Roof Framing Components:

  • 2×10 or greater Ridge Beams or rafter ties, per design requirements, except when engineered trusses are dictated, by our structural engineer, to achieve specific roof design requirements
  • 2×8 Roof Rafters, or; engineered roof trusses, per engineering design.
  • Composition or Metal Roofing is installed over 7/16" weatherized decking, covered with a composite underlayment
  • Tile Roofing is installed over 9/16″ weatherized roof decking, reinforced for additional weight load, and covered with composite underlayment
  • Metal underlay is used at all Roof Valleys and intersections
  • Rubberized, weatherproofing underlayment is used at all low‐pitch roofs
  • Minimum 1 1/2″ Drip Edge is installed over 1x4, treated shingle mold, for all asphalt shingle roofs
  • Custom Chimney caps are used, per design, for wood burning or gas fireplaces
  • Vented, 1×2 Battens ‐ are installed under all Tile & Metal roofs, along with vented bird block or Drip Edge, to provide air flow and additional insulation for your home.
  • 2×4 or 2×6 Ridge Boards are installed at all Tile Roofs, to allow air flow

Energy Engineering!

Why LakeRidgeIt’s much more than just a fad! With energy costs steadily increasing, good energy planning pays big dividends – and it makes your home a more comfortable place to live. The heating and cooling appliances we use may cost a little more, in the beginning, but the long-term savings, in cost of operation and low maintenance, more than make up the difference.
Here’s how it works – from the ground up.

It starts with the foundation . . .

  • The site is raised and graded to allow water to drain away from the foundation
  • The foundation moisture barrier keeps ground moisture in the ground
  • We use a synthetic, high-pressure tubing, for water delivery lines, inside the house, located inside conditioned walls and ceilings, so they never get too hot or cold and virtually eliminate any possibility of breakage.

. . . then, we seal the walls – from the outside in.

  • Why LakeRidgeExterior walls are covered with a double ply, weatherized structural sheating, under all exterior veneers. This creates a thermal barrier, so that the exterior finishes don’t transmit heat or cold.
  • Where there are no walls, we use energy efficient doors and windows, which are often as efficient as walls.
  • Every wall penetration is sealed with foam – base plates, door and window openings, pipe or electrical penetrations, so that outside air doesn’t infiltrate the interior space.  To balance air movement, inside, we use a fresh air system.
  • 100% of the interior wall surface is covered with blown open cell foam or Fiberglass BIBs (blown in blankets), both with a minimum R15 rating. Not only do these products insulate better than fiberglass bats but, along with our foam wall penetration seal, they seal every crack and form an insect and rodent barrier.

           Next, we use the most efficient heating appliances available and sized, specifically for your home.

  • Why LakeRidgeWater heating is done by a Heat Pump! At a rating of 300% efficient, it is the most efficient and offers the least expensive operation of all available units. It does not heat the area around it and the area around the unit is always cool! The unit learns use patterns, so it delivers more water at peak demand times and can be remotely programmed, when no one is at home.
  • Home interiors  are climate controlled by air sourced Heat Pumps, which are thermostatically zoned to provide heated or cooled air, at the times you program them to do so and can be remotely operated, from your phone or computer.
  • All ducts are insulated and flexible, except for rigid, insulated primary deliver ducts, and are located in the conditioned space between floors, in multi‐story homes, or in a sealed attic, created by a foamed roof deck, which keeps the attic conditioned, year round.  This makes the ducts far more efficient, as they don't absorb the heat or cold of an open, non-conditioned  attic.

Final Finishes

While we take great pride in our construction and energy engineering, we believe that each of our homes should reflect its Owner’s good taste. That’s why we offer an endless selection of options and features, plus, our very talented interior decorators/designers, to help our customers mold their homes to suit personal tastes and preferences, using high quality, natural materials, wherever possible.

 Here are a few examples of  our diversity. . . .

Custom Hangers that serve as entertainment centers!

Why LakeRidge

Simple touches, like a lighted ceiling, make a big difference.

Why LakeRidge

Weiner Roasts on a chilly night?
Fire pits come in all sizes and a variety of locations.

Why LakeRidge

Islands are great for eating,cooking, visiting and sipping a nice drink.

Why LakeRidge

There should be plenty of room
for those long, hot showers.

Why LakeRidge

Bath Tubs should be a place
to escape a hectic day.

Why LakeRidge

Cabinets come in many styles, materials and colors.

Why LakeRidge

Some prefer a wine bar, complete with tasting table!

Why LakeRidge

Wine Cellars fit nicely under a stone stair well.

Why LakeRidge

Nothing defines a home like a beautiful stairway.

Why LakeRidgeWhy LakeRidgeWhy LakeRidgeWhy LakeRidge

Wet Bars are great for entertaining!

Why LakeRidge

Closets are a great place to hang out.

Why LakeRidge

Cozy fireplaces don’t all look alike.

Outdoor Living offers space
for great entertaining.

Why LakeRidge

Nothing beats the heat
like a dip in the pool.

Why LakeRidge

Garage Doors can make
a great first impression!

Why LakeRidge

Today’s appliances almost drive themselves!

Why LakeRidge