Designer Products & Materials

From exterior to interior, we believe your home should be as unique as you are - a reflection of your personal style and taste. The companies shown here offer diversity of design, produce beautifully innovative products and manufacture products that are of high quality.  Most importantly, they are known to be reputable and reliable.  As you consider the design of your new home, browse these manufacturers and suppliers, to learn about style trends, new products and the latest technological offerings.  Any prices shown are the Manufacturer's Standard Recommended Prices, which are higher than the prices we charge, in most cases, but give you a general comparison of cost differences, between brands and types of equipment.Our discounted prices vary, by manufacturer, so please contact us for more specific information.

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Line 3 - Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

Line 3 - Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Line 5 - Siding


Line 5 - Composition Roofing

Composition Roofing