Meet Our Management Team

Tom Crider and his wife, Sandy, moved their family to the Austin area in 1975 and Tom has been building innovative custom homes, throughout the area ever since.  Having launched his career in West Texas, Tom has become know known for his construction of uniquely designed custom homes, as well as, home restorations and remodeling.  Tom has designed and built hundreds of homes throughout Central Texas and the Hill Country, surrounding the Colorado River Basin - also known as the "Sun Valley of Texas".   In 1999, along with a team of talented professionals, he founded the company that is now known as SUN VALLEY CUSTOM BUILDERS.  The company's goal is to transform home buyers' dreams into architectural works of art that provide unique living environments, of exceptional value, design, and livability.  Each home is referenced as "The Beautiful Fortress", because it is designed for energy efficiency, low maintenance and longevity, as well as, exceptional beauty.  Whether modest or "Austin-tatious" every home incorporates technologically-advanced products, innovative construction methods, and professionally engineered design.

Operations Mgr.

Tom coordinates all phases of home planning, design, and construction and assists Buyers with conceptual designs.

March 4, 1944 - September 20, 2019

Who Does The Rest?
Many members of our team have been associated with us since 1999 and some of the relationships were established long before that.
A group of licensed, professional architects and engineers inspect every building site, to assess drainage and soil conditions, before
construction begins. Every detail of the homes we build is designed to assure optimum structural integrity, durability and energy
efficiency. That includes utility design and site engineering. Once construction starts, our supervisory personnel monitors every on-site
task, from clearing the site, to final grading and landscaping. All structural work is inspected by our engineers, in addition to any code
inspections required. Our craftsmen are the finest available in our area, and like our design professionals, many have been a part of our team,
since the construction of our first home. The goal of every employee, contractor or associate is to deliver a superior product.