HOME RENEWAL - Renovation, restoration, Remodeling, expansion

If Your Castle Needs A Facelift . . . WE CAN HELP!!
Our experienced designers and construction specialists will visit your home, to assess the scope of work - and there's no expense  or obligation for the visit.  Then we'll help device a plan that fits your budget! 

We can provide conceptual drawings, advice and decorating ideas that help you decide the scope of your remodel, renovation, restoration, or home expansion.  Depending on the extent of demolition or restoration, you may be able to live in your home, while we’re doing the work, and we'll strive to keep the dust to a minimum!  No project is too large, but if your need is for a simple repair, we'll refer you to a skilled handyman or licensed specialist, who can quickly and economically resolve the problem. 

27 Stillmeadow - Interior Renovation

103 Hazeltine - Bath Remodel

108 Knarr-Guest House Addition

Family growing – home shrinking?
WE CAN HELP…plan and design a room or floor addition, using our expert engineers, architects and bankers! And, using our experience and expertise means BIG savings on planning and design costs.

123 Carefree - Interior Update

401 Explorer - Addition & Remodel

710 Barton Creek Dr. - Garage Conversion & Addition

New truck won’t fit in the Garage?
WE CAN HELP…by expanding an existing space, replacing it with additional space or just making it more efficient! Our experienced bankers can often show you how to use the equity you have in your home to finance the project – with no cash outlay!

1800 Stoneridge - Second Story Addition

2723 Collingwood - New Look

5706 Lands End-Room Addition

1930’s bungalow in need of updates?
WE CAN HELP…with new, efficient HVAC & appliances, cutting edge building technology and dazzling finishes! You buy at our costs, so you get high quality equipment and materials, at LOW prices! Whether you already own - or want to own an older home, we can arrange innovative, acquisition or remodel financing!

5707 Lands End-Storm Restoration

13303 Mansfield - Cottage To Castle

17053 Trail of The Woods - Whole House Renovation

Stormy weather blowing your mind?
WE CAN HELP…when water or wind damages your home. Our expert restoration crews will clean up the mess and return your home to better- than-new condition. We’ll help with all the paperwork, permits, insurance and even help you find the best possible financing.


The home you live in may offer the best solution to your housing needs – and solutions are our specialty! No matter how complex the project, our designers and craftsmen are up to the task!!   We can turn an older home into a modern miracle and find ways to transform your home in ways you may not have thought were possible. We would love to build you a new home – but we may be able to build it around you….where you already live!

We have all the right tools….not just our expert craftsmen, but innovative lenders, amazing designers, gifted decorators, talented architects and ingenious engineers. These professionals have years of experience that translate into years of enjoyment for you, right in your own home!

Don’t give up on the home you love!  You don’t need to shiver when the winds blow or perspire through the hot, Central Texas Summers.  We can turn your cute, but not-so-cozy, cottage into your cozy, climate-controlled refuge from Mother Nature.  Not only can we restore your older home to its prior grandeur,  we can make it a comfortable, energy efficient, low maintenance palace.

....or, go ahead!  Buy that perfectly located, 30’s bungalow you’ve fallen in love with!  We can preserve the architectural charm you love, while transforming outdated features into modern dazzle.  An exterior and interior renovation can turn it into a testament to energy efficiency and modern convenience , using our innovative design techniques.

Would you like to convert wasted space into dream space – without wasting money?   Let us show you how to….

  • Turn unused attic space into a Bedroom, Bath, Game Room or Texas basement.
  • Build a bigger, better Garage. . . and turn the old one into a Guest Suite or Game Room.
  • Add a second story or add extra space in an area you hadn’t even thought of.
  • Revitalize a Master Bath with a separate shower, whirlpool tub or walk-in closet.
  • Brighten a Kitchen with open walls, new cabinets, granite and new appliances.