. . . . The Sun Valley Philosophy of Home Building

phi-los-o-phy – a system of motivating concepts or principals (the philosophy of home design and construction)

Sun Valley Custom Builders was founded in 1999, by a group of Building and Real Estate professionals. They recognized a deficiency in the greater Austin housing market of innovative builders, who offered true, custom homes at competitive costs.  A majority of homes offered for sale in the area, in all price ranges, both then and now, are designed and built by high-volume, production builders, who offer limited selection and limited opportunity for Buyer input. The most common alternatives are modular housing, offering limited choice, low-cost and poor quality, or tract housing, often crowded into undesirable locations and offering sub-standard features with limited design innovation. So-called “luxury homes” are typically overpriced tract homes, offered in limited locations and offering limited Buyer options - at high cost and mediocre quality. These "cookie cutter" homes seldom offer alternatives to new-home buyers with special needs, unique tastes or diversity of lifestyle.

Sun Valley Custom Builders is a Custom Home Builder.  That means we build homes where our Buyers want to live - designed the way they want their home to look. Our homes are diverse in style, location and price. Each of our homes is unique and delivers exceptional design, structural integrity, superior energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.  Our homes are custom built, to suit the lifestyle, budget, and personal tastes of each Owner - and, we don’t sacrifice quality - regardless of home price.

Sun Valley Custom Builders is dedicated to filling the housing void, guided by these concepts:

  • Cheap is never the same as affordable
  • There is always a good alternative
  • Cost never guarantees quality – good or bad
  • A home should always be a good investment
  • Beauty can’t be defined sufficiently to suit everyone's concept

With those concepts in mind, we adopted these principals:

  • No home should ever sacrifice basic construction quality
  • Every home should contain the one feature that is most important to its Owner
  • Fulfilling a customer’s need is more important than selling a house
  • Each home should be finished to the taste of the Buyer – not the Builder
  • Minimum standards should never be determined by price of product

The founder of Sun Valley Custom Builders has built homes throughout the beautiful Colorado River basin since 1976 and takes great pride in the quality of our product. The company was built on long-term customer relationships and a determination to serve our customers with integrity. We build throughout the Colorado River basin, the "Sun Valley of Texas", which is known for its diverse terrain and unpredictable climate. We know how to deal with the challenges of blending architecture with the unique beauty of the Central Texas lakes and hills, to produce our architectural works of art which we call the"Beautiful Fortress".

We see each home as an artistic endeavor - designed with structural integrity, to assure each homeowner of longevity, energy efficiency, and a unique living environment.  Each home is designed to reflect the individuality, lifestyle and preference of its Owners.  Each home is built from an original plan - created in-house, generated by one of the areas' premier architects, or, a plan provided by the Homebuyer.  Our construction methods incorporate innovative construction technique and cutting-edge materials, products, and structural components.  The result is ageless design, structural superiority, environmental sensitivity, and low home-maintenance.

Some of our Homebuyers prefer to renovate or remodel an existing home – perhaps their current residence or a home acquisition in need of an update.  We have extensive experience in historic or distressed property restoration, residential remodeling and renovation and home additions.  We treat these projects with the same attention to detail, as our new homes.  Products and materials used in all our home projects are as diverse as the people for whom we build, and we strive to make each home as unique as its Owner – whether new or renewed.

Pricing, for both new and renewed homes, addresses the customers' needs, as well as their budget. We think you’ll be amazed at the affordability, value and efficiency of our well designed, skillfully constructed, custom homes or home renewals - regardless of size or style.  Our home projects range from quaint, urban bungalows to spectacular, waterfront villas.  We build in urban settings, lakeside communities, on hillsides and secluded country estates.  Accordingly, each home varies in price and finish - but is always built to the same, exacting standards.